16 Amazing Reasons To Start Practicing Yoga NOW!

Reasons to Start Yoga
  • Posted By: shpnth_admin
  • May 07, 2018

Yoga has been declared as one of the most transformative workout styles existing in India since ancient times. It promises immense benefits and transformative effects for those who practice it on a regular basis. Right from physical benefit to removing stress from life, yoga is a way of life you must follow.

1. You Burn More Calories

Yoga will help you burn more calories than other forms of exercises. It is a proven fact that a yoga session lasting for over 45-minutes is equivalent to around 2 good hours spent in the gym. You will be able to burn more in very less time.

2. The Ultimate Stress Buster

Most people are unaware of yoga’s stress relieving properties. So if you have been feeling a little jittery, get a yoga session. Research has revealed that yoga practice can actually minimize stress levels. It also lowers one’s blood pressure. It also helps reduce symptoms of serious mental health conditions such as anxiety. The relaxed, recurrent movements and deep breathing helps release toxins and makes one stress-free.

3. Strength Training

It’s an excellent way to strength train. Yoga engages so many muscle groups, from your core to your arms. It’s a great way to swap your weights every once and a while for something different. Don’t believe us? Try these moves and feel the burn.

4. Sharpen your Mind

Yoga is one great way to sharpen your mind. All you need to do is indulge in a few Sun Salutations on a regular basis. Downward Dog poses are also equally good. Yoga has been proven to help boost functioning of brain. It is also known to improve time of reaction after a workout.

5. Enhances Beauty and Personality

Yoga is very beneficial skin, hair, and significant enhancement in overall personality. Special yoga pose to increase height can also be practiced for additional benefits.

6. Pain Free You

Yoga will help you get relief from all kinds of pain. Whether it is knee pain, neck pain, headache, back pain or any other kind of pain, yoga will serve as the antidote to all types of ailments. Regular practice will also help relieve chronic pain.

7. Gym for your Brain

Yes, your brain too needs a workout session. An exercise session in the gym helps body. On the other hand, a yoga session will help your body as well as brain. You can imagine yoga to be a gym for your brain. The practice of asanas helps flow of extra blood to neurons and remote cells. This helps improve functioning of brain. Memory power will improve, concentration gets better. You will also feel more energetic and rejuvenated.

8. Sleep Tighter

With yoga, you won’t require any kind of sleep aids. It will lull you into a very soft slumber. As per a research conducted, it was revealed that regular practice of yoga can help with insomnia. It has a calming effect on mind and body which prepares one for rest.

9. You Get the Much Needed ‘Me-Time’

Most people these days do not get the ‘Me Time’ they deserve. This leads to a lot of problems including social detachment, depression, stress, lack of sleep and much more. Yoga will help you to make enough time to have a look within you. It can help you to think and reflect. Practice of meditation along with various asanas will help you to observe and assess your thoughts.

10. Relieves Migraines

With Yoga, you will be able to bid adieu to head pain. As per a study conducted in the year 2007, it is revealed that yoga helped reduce intensity and frequency of migraines in patients. Yoga is definitely a therapeutic experience.

11. Benefits Heart and Bones

Regular practice of Yoga will reduce overall risk of heart diseases and add strength to bones.

12. Makes you Sexier

Not been able to turn on the bedroom heat for some time? Trust yoga. A visit to Yoga studio will help you do that. According to research, it has been revealed that regular yoga practice can boost sexual satisfaction. It will also enhance sexual performance.

13. Strengthens your Core

There are a number of asanas wherein you need to hold on to specific poses for a while and breathe right. This is important to enhance your core strength. It helps keep your muscles toned and even increase their strength.

14. Enhance Flexible and Keeps You Balanced

Tired of clumsiness? Well, the best way to get rid of it is practicing yoga regularly. It helps enhancing overall balance and adds flexibility to muscles. There are a number of ways to alter yoga poses to make them a perfect fit to requirements.

15. Helps You to Unplug

Whether it is work, research, gaining knowledge, entertainment or passing time, most of us are always glued to our laptops and computers almost 24×7. In case, we get some time off, there are phones to check. Studies have revealed that the present generation is not actually in the present. The mind is always focused on schedules, deadlines and much more. Practicing yoga offers the amazing opportunity to unplug. It helps one focus better.

16. Enjoy a Happier State of Mind

Wouldn’t it be great to experience a delightful disposition despite the kind of stressful environments we are living in, these days? According to studies, it has been revealed that practicing yoga will help boost one’s mood to a significant extent.