30 Minutes On Exercise Bike To Be In Shape

Exercise bikes
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  • March 16, 2017

Exercise bikes are often ignored at the gym but they really help to burn a lot of fat in the body to keep you in a good shape and healthy. A typical ride burns up to 12 calories a minute, and all that pedaling does some major reshaping of your legs and butt. If you want to work out on a stationary bike, there is a particular way of doing it to get the desired result, make sure you have the machine set with enough resistance. By so doing, you will not pedal yourself off the stationary bike; however, you will likewise have the ability to sprint when needed, which allows for a great interval workout. When you mix up the pace, it challenges the heart and lungs, but interval bike workouts also prevent you from boredom when you are pedaling on a street to somewhere.

Stationary bikes frequently incorporate built-in resistance controls that can be changed by every user’s fitness level, raising the resistance to simulate going uphill or bringing it down to pedal faster but more effectively. This allows individuals of all levels to ride together in a group setting while still getting an exceptional exercise. Some stationary bikes allow riders to track calories that are burned, which can help them set goals for the intensity of each workout.

It turns out you can’t turn out badly with this gym standby. Stationary bikes are not just good for all fitness levels; they are great tool for achieving every day exercise goals. In fact, a 30-minute exercise on a stationary bicycle can burn at least 300 calories, and it depends on the intensity. You may be in your living room; however the workout machines provide similar calorie-burning advantages of a long bike ride, and it also kick-starts digestion for rapid weight loss – combined with a healthy diet, of course.

Now, try this workout plan:





0-4 Warm up Moderate (80) 3-4
4-8 Increase resistance: Sit down for 1 min, stand for 1 min, then repeat Moderate (70-80) 5-6
8-11 Decrease resistance and sit down with hands in the second position Fast (85-100) 5
11-12 Stand up with hands in the second position Fast (85-100) 5-6
12-14 Sit down with hands in the second position and increase resistance  every 30 seconds

Slow to Moderate (50-70)

14-17 Stand up with hands in the third position and increase resistance every minute Slow (40-50) 7-9
17-26 Repeat minute 8-17 Slow to fast  (40 -100) 5-9
26-28 Decrease resistance Very fast (100-125) 8
28-30 Cool down Moderate (80) 3-4


  • RPE = Rate of perceived exertion

  • RPM = Revolutions per minute