Beauty Problems And Solutions In Winters

Beauty Problems
  • Posted By: shpnth_admin
  • December 15, 2017

Winter is the coolest season of the year and it is surely one of our favorite seasons. With the sweet indulgence of hot Jalebi, Gajar ka Halwa and a cup of coffee in the evening, winter brings in a lot of changes in our skin too. It gives rise to dry and flaky effects at different parts of our skin. However, where there is a problem there is always a solution to fight it. Here a list of beauty problems that we face and the ways in which we can we overcome it.

1. Dry Hair

Our hair often becomes dry and fizzy because of the cold breeze. It gives way to our hair becoming abnormal and difficult to handle. The simplest solution to handle this problem is to try and keep your hair covered for the maximum amount of time possible. Deep conditioning of hair with hair masks can also help in moisturizing our hair and help in making it less dry. There is a simple home made solutions that we can apply in our hair. All we have to do is, mash a banana and add it with 1 table spoon honey and half a cup of coconut oil. Blend the mix properly with a hand mixture and apply it on your scalp. Wash it properly after 20 minutes to get a good moisturized hair.

2. Chapped Lips

This is one problem that everyone has surely faced. It happens because there is less intake of water during winters which results in more of dead skin, especially at the edge of your lips. There is an extremely simple solution to this problem. Take one spoon of brown sugar and add one spoon of olive / almond / coconut oil in it. Mix it well and apply it on your lips.

3. Flaky Scalp

Flaky scalp gives way to a lot of dandruffs during winter. It stops you from wearing black and can be really disturbing for others to sit next to you. Men have this problem more often than woman. The simplest solution to this is to take a spray bottle and add some apple cider vinegar in it. Apply it on your hair and then massage your hair and head for some time. Massage it in such a way that the apple cider vinegar reaches the roots of your hair. Keep it for around twenty minutes and wash your hair with Luke warm or cold water. You will soon see the difference in your scalp.

4. Pimples

Pimple is a one problem that many men and woman face. The cool breeze and lesser intake of water is the major cause of pimples. It even becomes itchy at times, but however itchy it may be, you should never scratch it to avoid scars on your face. A simple cinnamon and honey paste solution can easily solve your pimple problems. All you have to do is add 1 table spoon of honey with cinnamon powder and make it like a paste. You should be sure that there is no water in the paste. Apply it on the areas where you can find pimples and leave it overnight and wash your face with luke warm water in the morning. Ta da! You will feel the difference on your face right away.

5. Facial Hair

Not many people know, that dry skin gives rise to unwanted facial hair during winters. Woman find it to be a big problem. There is a simple home made solution of using turmeric and gram flour to fight this problem. You need to mix them in equal quantity and form a paste with either milk or water. You then need to apply the paste on your facial hair and leave it until its dry. Then with a wet piece of cloth or cotton pad, you need to rub off the paste.

There are various other tips that can help you look gorgeous during winters like instead of applying normal foundation before your make-up, you should try and apply creamy and liquid foundations. It helps you in keeping your skin moisturized. The colour of the clothes you choose should be dull and winter colours like brown and grey, it just goes with the feel of the season. You might also often notice cracked heels during winters. You should moisture your heels and wear a pair of socks before sleeping. Such tips will help you in having a better, beautiful and confident winter season.

If you have any winter problems and solutions in mind, please let us know in the comment section below.