My Experiences In Meditation And How It Benefited My Mind, Body and Soul

  • Posted By: shpnth_admin
  • May 28, 2018

Back in 2011, I came in touch with a few people who were deeply into spirituality and yoga. Those were the people who would practice meditation daily and were super enthusiastic about yoga. They told me that meditation is indeed life changing. At first, I did not take it seriously but when they told me about their own stories and I decided to give meditation a try. So I was initiated into meditation by a yoga teacher in 2013 and I started practicing it. Indeed, the gradual practice of meditation changed me slowly and the changes were simply brilliant.

Let me begin with saying that meditation calmed me and made me more balanced. With a calm mind I started seeing things more clearly and the decision making instantly improved. Both these things started changing my perception towards life overall, and I started handling things more calmly and in a smarter manner. The second thing meditation did to me was that it changed the way I connected with people. It made me more social and I started loving people’s company more than ever. Earlier, I was an introvert and meditation literally changed me from an introvert to an extrovert.

In fact, Meditation totally transforms you into what you are originally rather than what you have become due to circumstances.

The next thing meditation did was that it improved my health by leaps and bounds. Since meditation resulted in a calmer and healthier mind, it made the body quite healthy and active. The reason behind it is that your health depends on your mind and meditation does the task of making the mind healthier, resulting in a healthier body.

And, when we have a healthy mind and a healthy body, we automatically feel good. When we feel good, we get a happy soul!

The next and the most important part I have felt after constantly mediating is –improvement in concentration. The concentration improved by leaps and bounds and this helped me in my career and overall growth. Concentration is indeed the most important thing, which can improve your personal and professional life magically.

The next thing which Meditation did was that it completely transformed me as a human being. Meditation is a new birth. You are a different person post meditation! Yes, it’s a fact.

And the most important part about meditation is it developed my intuition level to a certain level. I started sensing things and had intuition of the things around. I could take decisions without even logically thinking over it, through intuition.

I have been meditating from the last 5 years and it has brought the kind of joy and balance in my life, which was not there before the initiation. Meditation brings mindfulness where you become more aware of things and what’s happening around you.

You also feel more full and complete with meditation.

In the end, meditation makes us better human beings.

And all we need are good human beings. Right?