Top 9 Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit
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  • February 07, 2018

There are some fruits which stand differently from others. If you see oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits, they are more or less the same in shape, size and nutrient components. But Kiwi Fruit, or known as the National Fruit of China is just not only a fruit but also popular for its health benefits. In China, it is known as the Yang Tao. After plantation in many countries, it was rechristened as Kiwi fruit after the National Bird of New Zealand.

Health benefits of kiwi fruits

Just have a look at Kiwi fruit. Don’t you think it is different?

It has light brown color. In the interior, it is lime green and has an oval pattern laced with tiny black seeds. It is used in fruit salads. You would have seen the normal Kiwi fruit in India but there is another type – it has a bronze skin with golden color inside.

Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

It has a high dose of Vitamin A (good for eyes, skin& bone) and vitamin E (alpha tocopherol). In addition, it also has potassium to balance the electrolytes in the body.

In infants and growing children, copper in Kiwifruit can promote bone and brain growth.

1. Immunity

The presence of Vitamin B6 helps in support of the immune system. This component is also helpful for breast feeding and pregnant women.

The high component of Vitamin C (ascorbic acids) helps improve the immunity of your body and can ward off simple bacterial, viral infections. In addition, it can also enhance the healing of wounds and abrasions.

2. Digestion

digestion due to kiwi fruit

Just had a heavy meal? Consume Kiwi fruit as part of the finishing salad. The fruit contains actinidain, the enzyme which helps in digesting the proteins. Its properties are similar to that of papain in papaya (remember bromelain in pineapple).

The fruit has high content of fiber. So it prevents the body from storing fat, prevention of constipation and similar intestinal problems. Because of its low glycemic index, it cannot raise the blood sugar quickly.

3. Prevention Against Eye Problems

Its high content of vitamin A can prevent macular degeneration and other eye related diseases such as cataracts. The medicinal components are known as lutein and zeaxanthin.

4. Has A Delicious Taste

kiwi fruit has a delicious taste

The fruit is loved by children and individuals of every age, as it is very different from the other fruits.

5. Heart Health

The components responsible for heart health such as Vitamin E, potassium and Vitamin E are present in Kiwi fruit. It reduces triglycerides in the blood and risk in blood clotting etc.

The omega-3 fatty acids in the Kiwi fruit help reduce the risk of paralysis stroke and coronary heart diseases. It also prevents the growth of diseases such as autism and ADHD in children.

6. Better Sleep

kiwi fruit helps in sleep

Flavonoids present in this fruit such as epicatechin, rutin, quercetin and naringenin are known for their sleep inducing properties.

7. Absorption of Iron

The presence of Vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin give the best protection against disorders in iron deficiency. They also help in absorption of iron from the food.

8. Pregnancy

Health benefits of pregnancy due to kiwi fruit

The presence of folate prevents complications such as neural tube defects in unborn babies. It is also required for their brain as well cognitive growth.

9. Cancer

Because of high percentage of carotenoids, antioxidants and vitamins, kiwi fruit can provide the best assistance in treatment of cancers.

Health benefits of kiwi fruit


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The fruit contains substances that can give rise to the latex-fruit allergy syndrome. In case, you are allergic to Latex, you can also be allergic to kiwi.

If you have kidney related problems, refrain from consuming kiwi fruit. It can lead to development of kidney stones within the body.